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Number Title
SEND11 Attendance form - parents
SEND11YP Attendance form - young person
SEND12 Attendance form - local authority
SEND15A Expenses claim form - parents
SEND15AYP Expenses claim form - young person
SEND16A Expenses claim form - witnesses
SEND17 Explanation for missing travel tickets/receipts
SEND1A Appeal form - statement of educational needs
SEND20A Application for permission to appeal
SEND20B Application for review
SEND20C Application to set aside final decision
SEND24 EHC appeal form - child of or under statutory school age
SEND24A EHC appeal form - young person over statutory school age
SEND24B Appeal form - refusal to secure an EHC assessment - child of or under statutory school age
SEND26A Disability discrimination claim after permanent exclusion - parent
SEND26B Disability discrimination claim after permanent exclusion - young person
SEND28 Appeal form - child detained in youth accommodation
SEND28A Appeal form - young person under 18 detained in youth accommodation
SEND30 Request for a Witness Summons
SEND4A Disability discrimination claim by a parent
SEND4B Disability discrimination claim by Young Person
SEND7 Request for change
SEND8 Withdrawal of appeal or claim
Number Title
SEND1 How to appeal against a SEN decision
SEND10 Guidance for expert witnesses giving evidence in special educational needs appeals and disability discrimination claims hearings
SEND14 Information about schools
SEND15 Guidance for parents claiming expenses
SEND15YP Guidance for a young person claiming expenses
SEND16 Guidance for witnesses claiming expenses
SEND18 Carrying out our order in special educational needs cases: A parents' guide to what happens now
SEND2 Preparing the local authority's case
SEND20 Guidance notes - Applying to the First-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability)
SEND21 Mediation Certificate
SEND22 Answering a claim - A guide to responsible bodies
SEND23 Working document guidance
SEND25 How to appeal a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Decision
SEND27 Guidance for the local authority producing the hearing bundle
SEND28B Detained Children and Young People With SEN
SEND4 How to claim against disability discrimination in schools - a guide for young people
SEND5 Coming to the Tribunal
SEND6 Information for children and young people
SEND9 Guidance for summonsed witnesses
SEND36 Power to make Recommendations: Health and Social Care
SEND37 How to appeal an SEN decision
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